Race 2 Two ,18 di Maart Paintball Tournament - 18/03/2013

Hot Triggers Paintball Supply organized another annual National flag day paintball tournament at the parkietenbos park.

The action started around mid day with all the player exited to get on the field and play some ball,  it was a cloudy day but perfect for some paintball action.

The format that the organizers choose for this competition is what they call a race to 2 were the each team battles against each other and the one who wins 2 points wins the match and accumulates their point.

In this event they has 3 man teams and 5 man teams both in the same style of format race 2 two.

It is good to see that the Young guns of the sport Aruba Madness Young Bloods are dominating the field and giving the older player allot of heachache on the field whit fast and aggressive players.

The boys of Aruba Extreme had some good battles and also played some excelent paintball on the field as always, Shout out to my Boys > B&C

Here are the results for the results.

5-man: 1st Aruba Madness, 2nd Youngbloods.

3-man: 1st: Extreme Paintball Team, 2nd: Punishers.

Congratulations to all the teams who gave their best and thank you to all the spectators who went to the field to support the sport of paintball in Aruba and not to forget Indy the field looks great !

>>Click Here For Pics<<

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