Dia di Betico Mx & Quad session. - 28/01/2013

ADR (  Aruba Dirt Riders ) is a group of some local riders that come together every week to practice the sport that they love.

These guys have allot of love for this sport most of them sacrifice allot of hours every weekend to work on the track to keep it up to date and in good shape.

January 25th is Dia di Betico in Aruba and it is a holiday so every one rides around and goes to different events on the island.

The track in Grapefield wasn’t an exception there was allot of spectators enjoying of these guys doing there thing.

ADR had a special guest for this session nicky She came on vacation from Europe and decided to visit the track and ride along with the boys she really rocked the place.

She rides motocross in Europe on a very high level.

The ADR family really have grown in a couple of years lets hope that they keep on getting bigger and better in this sport.

Rush magazine was present at the track to show some support .


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