Ben Player wins GoPro Pipe challenge !!! - 06/03/2013

Friday, March 1, Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii - Ben Player (AUS) has taken out the 2013 IBA GoPro Pipe Challenge in pumping 8-10 foot waves at the Banzai Pipeline today, defeating defending champion, Jeff Hubbard (HAW) in second, Pierre-Louis (FRA) in third and multi talented Dave Hubbard (HAW) in fourth in the dying minutes of the final.

Player posted an excellent score of 8.75 early in the final for a deep set wave barrel on a left and finished it off with a looping roll. Hubbard answered back with a 7.75 and a 7.2 for two deep back to back barrels on draining left handers. The Frenchman and Dave Hubbard both managed to post a good score each 7.38 and 6.25 respectively, but were unable to lock in substantial second scoring rides. With only two minutes remaining, Player was searching for a 6.21 or better to take out the final. Scooping into a heaving Pipe set wave, the Australian negotiated his way through a long barrel and topped the wave off by launching an invert off the closeout to earn himself 7.38 out of a possible 10 points, rocketing him into first place as the buzzer sounded the end of the 2013 IBA GoPro Pipeline Pro.

Victorious, Player was carried up the beach to the podium by good friends and past Pipe Champions, Ryan Hardy and Andrew Lester, accompanied by a cheering crowd of Australian supporters.

Player has been competing in this pipe event for the past 19 years, claimed two world titles, and has several grand slam victories under his belt, but until today has never been able to claim a victory at the infamous Banzai Pipeline.

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